Wholesale small Flags  

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4"x6"1st National 6dz@$12 12dz@$9 dz. 24 dz @$6 dz Item # W-3001SM

12"x18"  6 dz.  @$21dz 12dz@$15 dz. Item# W3010SS

4"x6" 1st Regiment Irish Brigade  , 6dz@.$12dz,12dz@$9dz 24dz @$6 dz Item#W-1105SM

12"x18" 6 dz @$21 dz., 12 dz @$15 dz Item# W1105SS

4"x4"battle3dz@$12dz, 6dz@$9dz,12dz@$9dz 24 dz @$6 dz Item# W-3006SM

12"x12" 6dz@$21dz, 12dz@$15dz item # W-3015SS



4"x6" 2nd National 6dz@$12dz, 12dz@$9dz, 24dz @$6 dz item# W-3002SM

12"x18" 6dz$21dz,12dz@$15dz Item#W3011SS


4"x6" 3rd National ,6dz.@$12dz, 12dz@$9dz 24 dz @$6 dz Item# W-3003SM

12"x18" ,6dz@$21dz, 12dz@$15 dz.  Item# W3012SS


4"x6" battle,  6 dz @$12 dz,  12dz@$9dz, 24 dz @$6 dz Item# W-3005SM

12"x18" ,6dz@$21dz, 12dz@$15dz Item# W-3014SS


4"x6" 34star Union,,6dz@$12dz, 12dz@$9dz , 24 dz @$6 dz item# W- 3007SM

12"x18" ,6dz@$21dz, 12dz@$15 dz. item# W-3017SS


4"x6" Virginia ,6dz@$12 dz,12dz@$9dz 24 dz @$6 dz Item#W-VIRGINIA-SM

12"x18" 6 dz @$21 dz, 12 dz @$15 Item# W-Virginia-SS 

6 piece fringed flag set with wood base, 36 @$10 ea, 72. @$9 ea ,144 @$7.50 each Item# W-1119


Playing cards with Confederate flag backs 3dz@$24 dz., 6dz@$18dz, 12dz @$12 dz. Item #W-1734 

4"x6" 69th Irish Brigade  6 dz.@$12 dz., 12 dz. @$9 24 dz @$6 dz .. Item #W-1139SM

Playing Cards of Saddam Staff Most Wanted by US Coalition Forces (reproduction) 3dz@$48dz, 6dz@$36dz 12 dz. @$24 dz.

Item #W3045 



Key Chain Confederate Flag on 1 side and Confederate Seal on the other 3 dz.@$24 dz.,6 dz.@$21 dz. 12dz@$18 dz. Item # W-3020



MINIMUM ORDER $200       reorders $100 minimum

5% surcharge on credit card orders

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