Wholesale Hats & T's

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Gray Cavalry  with gold cord Item # W-2720    12@ $40ea, 24 @ $35ea, 36 @$30 ea sized M ,L, XL

Robert E Lee Style Item #W-2723  12 @$30ea, 24@$25ea, 36@$20 ea sized M, L, XL


Black Cavalry with black & gold cord Item # W-2721 12 @$35 ea, 24@$30, 36@$25 ea sized M, L, XL

Robert E Lee adult T shit Item #W-1457   36@$7.50ea, 72pcs@$7ea, 144@$6,50 sized M. L. XL

Artillery scene Tshirt Item# W-1456 36 @ $7.50 ea, 72@$7 ea, 144@$6.50 ea sized M. L. XL name drop available


Stonewall Jackson T shirt Item # W-1455   36@$7.50 ea, 72pcs@$7 ea, 144@$6.50ea sized M. L. XL


Rebel Hat with "REBEL" sewn on back 

 24@ $6 ea, , 144@$4 each Item#W-1418

Ladies Civil War Style straw hat, adult lady's size   

 72@$12 ea, 144@$10 each Item #W- 

Blue Cap with Confederate Flag 

24@ $6 ea,  144@$4 each Item#W-1435 

Wool Generals officers frock available in infantry ( shown) , artillery, & cavalry 24 pcs @$125 ea, 12 pcs@$140 , 6 pcs @$160

Enlisted kepi CSA or US 24pcs. @$25 ea. 48 pcs. @$20 each, 72pcs. @$15 each, 144 pcs @$12.50 each

CSA wool officers officers kepi available in artillery (colonel shown) , infantry, cavalry, & staff in the ranks of captain through General 144pcs @$20. ea, 72 pcs @$25 ea, 48 pcs.  @$27, 24 pcs @$35 each  details

CSA wool Infantry officer's kepi (captain) details

CSA wool Cavalry officer's kepi (captain) details

CSA wool staff officer's kepi (general)  details

Rebel with a cause T

Item #W1444

72cs @$6ea, 144pcs @$5ea

3 flag Baseball cap

Item # W-1443

12@$6 ea, 36@$5 ea, 144 @$4. each


Rebel till the day I die T

Item #W-1445

72pcs @$6 ea, 144pcs@$5 each

Dixie Heritage T

Item W-1446

72pcs @$6ea,144pcs@$5 each, 

Colors of the Confederacy

Item #W-1447


It's a southern Thing T

Item #W-1452

72pcs @$6ea, 144pcs@$5 each

MINIMUM ORDER $200    reorders $100 minimum

5% surcharge on credit card orders

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