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11" German Nutcracker in Union theme

 W-2015 12pcs @ $75 each 24@ $65 each 48pcs@$ 55 each ( prices may increase because of the Euro) 

Coffee Mug with "Last Meeting" individually boxed Item #1736 12pcs @$3.50 each, 36pcs @$2.50 each

10" Lee Bust Item # W-1760 ,  16pcs@$12ea, 36pcs@$10 each  

 11" German Nutcracker in Confederate Theme 

W-2014 12pcs@$75 each , 24@$65 each, 48pcs@$55 each (prices may increase because of the Euro)

Coffee Mug with 3 flags Item individually boxed

  # W1737 36pcs @$3.50 each 72pcs @$2.50 each

Coffee Mug with Bedford Forrest individually boxed W-1738 36pcs @$3.50 each 72pcs @$2.50 each  

Coffee Mug with Battle Flag individually boxed

  W-1739 36pcs @$3.50 each 72pcs@$2.50 each

Playing Cards with Battle Flag on backs with tin container 

Item # W 1734 24pcs @$4 each, 72pcs @$2.00 each 

12" D Guard Bowie with "Last Meeting "

  Item # W-1260 24pcs @$16 72pcs@$12.50

Playing Cards with Battle Flag on backs  

Item # W-1735 24pcs@$2.00, 72pcs @$1 each

Lee Pocket Knife with box & paper flag 

Item # WP-1252 24pcs@  $ 5 each  60pcs@$4 each





Lee & Grant pocket knife with box & paper flag WP-1236 12pcs @$5 each 60pcs @4 each

19"X19" Printed Pillow with battle flag 

Item #W-1740 24pcs @$10 each, 72pcs@$9

4'x6' woven poly blanket of Confederate Battle Flag Item #W- 1741 24pcs @$12 each 72pcs@$10 each


Tapestry style Pillow with rope cord 16"x16" of Confederate Battle Flag


5pc Coin Set on Card 

Item #W-1743 24@$5 ea, 48@$4.50 ea, 72pcs4ea.

Brass Compass with wood box, choice of Confederate seal or US pin on box 

Item #W-1744 24pcs@$25 ea, 48pcs@$20, 


Key Chain with Battle Flag on 1 side & Confederate Seal on the other 

Item #W-1745 24@$2.50 ea, 48@$2.00, 72@$1.50 each 

32 piece Chess Set 

Item # W-1304 12 sets @$40 each,  36 sets@$30 each 

32  piece Chess set without the board , hand painted poly resin 

Item #W-1305 12 sets @$85 ea., 24 sets @$80 ea. 36 sets @$75 each



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