Wholesale Civil War Navy

prices do not include shipping

H .L. Hunley Confederate submarine model 22", 36" with boom

6pcs @$60ea, 12pcs @$55, 24 pcs. @$50 each

CSS Virginia Ironclad 23" 6pcs. @$70ea, 12 pcs. @$65ea, 24pcs@$50 each  

U.S.S. Monitor 15" 6 pcs. @$45ea, 12 pcs.@$40ea, 24pcs. @$30 each

Ames Navy Cutlass with leather scabbard 6 pcs. @$50 ea 12pcs. @$40ea. 24@$40 each

Small sextant with wood box

12pcs. @$25ea, 24pcs@$20 each


Navy Officer's Coat 12@$150 ea, 6@$125 each

Ship's compass with wood box

12 pcs. @$25 ea, 24 pcs.@$20 each

       minimum order $200               reorders $100 minimum

   5% surcharge on credit card orders

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