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12.5" poly resin Confederate figures Item # 1256W 12pcs @$17 ea 24pcs @16 each, 48pcs @$15 each out of stock

"The Institute Will Be Heard From Today" Unsigned open edition print depicts the VMI Cadets at New Market on May 15, 1864 Framed & Double matted

 Item # W-2229  12pcs@$70 ea 24pcs@$65 each 

Matted print without frame Item#W2229M 6pcs@$40 ea, 12pcs@$35 ea 24pcs @$32.50 each


Stonewall Jackson 10.5 " themed bowie on a wood plaque Item # 1263

24pcs@$15 ea, 72pcs@$10 each


knifeboxWsabrePIN.jpg (22381 bytes)

Robert E Lee Knife tin with Cavalry  pin Item # 1265W 12pcs @$8 ea 72pcs@$7 ,

Lee & Jackson Pocket Watch on stand with 3.25" hand painted pewter Robert E Lee Item #W1264 

24pcs@$20 ea, 48pcs @$19 ea, 72pcs@$17.50 each


Battle Flag Pillow with Fringe Item #W-1754

24pcs@$12 ea, 72pcs@$10 each

Last Meeting Banner 

24pcs @$7.50ea, 72 pcs@$6ea  Item # W-1163

Wood Hanging rod with gold cord & tassel  used with the above banner 24pcs@$5 ea, 72pcs@$4 each Item#W-1163R 

Silk Tie 12@$17 ea, 36@$15 ea

Item W-1467


Silk Ties 12pcs@$17ea ,36pcs@$15 ea

Items W -1463 ,W-1464

Silk Ties 12pcs@$17ea 36pcs @$15ea

Items W-1465, W-1466

MINIMUM ORDER $200    reorders $100

5% surcharge on credit card orders

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