Limited Collector's Edition of the movie "Gettysburg"

This is a Limited Collector's Edition of the movie "Gettysburg" , filmed in 1992 and released in 1993. This VHS set includes approximately 30 minutes of never before seen footage plus the tape Making of Gettysburg . The set also includes : the CD sound track of the movie, leather-bound companion book  illustrated by  Mort Kunstler , an authentic Civil War bullet, a rendering of a battlefield map, & four 8"x10"photos of leaders from the Gettysburg battle.

This set originally sold for $120 in 1993. We were able to purchase some of these sets as a close-out and are making them available for a  limited time                            $49. each , 2 sets for $79 Item # 1963GMS

The original box is not MINT and may show some 

minor damage from storage. These sets are new.

Limited Open Stock available below 

VHS 3 piece set of Gettsyburg movie $19.95 Item# 1863VHS

Leather bound "Getttysburg" Book $29.95 Item#1863B

Music CD from Gettysburg $15.95 Item # 1863 CD 

4 Photos of the leaders $9.95 Item#1863P

Authentic Civil War bullet with leather pouch $5.95 Item#1863B   



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