John Paul Strain Gallery

 collectable art prices are subject to market changes , prices listed my not be current 

"Stonewall Returns" to his Winchester Headquarters limited edition on canvas or paper Item # 2234 $200, $275 or $459 

"The Cliffs of Loudoun Heights " Stonewall Jackson above Harpers Ferry on Loudoun Heights limited edition on canvas or paper Item# 2235 $200-$275

"Battlefield Prayer" framed  canvas Item# 2236 $459

 Charlestown Station " framed canvas #2237 $459

"Ride with Anna " Stonewall Jackson and his wife Anna in Winchester ITEM # 2202  $395 call  or email for current price


"Christmas Blessing " General Stonewall Jackson at Martinsburg framed $895 ITEM # 2215

"Onward Christian Soldiers" Lee, Jackson, & Stuart near Fredricksburg Item#2231       $250

"Le Belle Rebel" framed canvas #2238 $459


"Rose Hill Raid with Mosby" limited edition studio canvas Item# 2206   $275


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