Irish  Flags of the Civil War Brigades

These flags are reproductions $5 S&H per order

6'X6' SEWN COTTON 1st Regiment Irish Brigade   Item#1149x6   $89.00

3'x5' Sewn Cotton Flags shown below $39 each 3 for $99

24th Georgia Vols. Item#1178 $59 sale $39


1st National Confederate Item#1175

1st Regimental Irish Brigade Item # 1149 or the 69th Irish Brigade Item #1149A69 

10th Tennessee "Sons of Erin" , Go where Glory Waits You Item #1148

Erin Go Bragh ( not used in the Civil War) Item# 1157

3'x5' Polyester Flags $9,95 each 6 for $49

69th Irish Brigade Item# 1139 details

1st Regimental Irish Brigade Item#1106 details

10th Tennessee "Sons of Erin" Item# 1133 details

Erin Go Bragh (flag not used in the Civil War) Item#1157P

Modern Irish Flag also available in 3'x5'

4"x6" polyester on stick $1.50 each $15 per dozen

1st Regimental Irish Brigade Item#1106SM

69th Regimental Irish Brigade Item#1139SM

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