Civil War Uniform and Hat 

Uniforms We do keep an inventory of uniforms  we sell , but they are are hand made and can be subject  to a delivery time of up to 12 weeks if  we are out of stock in your size. Coat sizes are available in 38" to 46"  RETURNS on these coats subject to 15% restock fee

Confederate black cavalry stag hat with gold & black acorn cord Item # 2720 $59  sized medium , large , x-large

Confederate gray cavalry stag hat with gold acorn cord Item # 2721  $59 sized medium , large, X-large


Cavalry stag hat with small black cord Item$2722 $59 sized M, L, XL out of stock

Robert E Lee style hat Item$2723 $39 sized M, L, XL 

CONFEDERATE Infantry General's Officers Frock coat ITEM# 2700 $199

CONFEDERATE Cavalry General's Officers Frock coat ITEM #2701 $199 Photo coming soon , same as above except the collar and  lower sleeve color is red CONFEDERATE Artillery Officer's Frock Coat ITEM# 2703 $199

CONFEDERATE Naval Officer's Frock Coat ITEM# 2702 $199

Lady's velvet hooded cape with lace trim in Red Item # 2720R Black Item #2720B or Green Item #2027G $175.00 each

CONFEDERATE Richmond Depot style

in dark gray ITEM# 2704 $65   

CONFEDERATE Staff officers jacket in dark blue ITEM# 2705 $149


Hats and Kepis We do stock an inventory of hats we sell,  but they are are  hand made and can be subject to a  delivery time of up to 12 weeks if we are out of stock in your size & rank. The leather visor may not be as shown . During the Civil War , the kepi leather visor was made both with cut or with  sewn edges . The factory we use sometimes make them sewn and sometimes cut. If you specify what style you want , we will honor your request and ship your style  only if available. Item# 2716 shows the 2 style visors side by side.    Kepis are sized small to extra large ( approximate circumference for small is 21.5", Medium is 22" Large is 22.75  & X-Large is 23.5"). Confederate ranks of Lt. to General or Union Ranks of Lt. & Captain  . The lady's hats are one size for all.

 Officer's Kepi Sale  $59 each

4 FOR $199 (save $37)

 16 for $699 (save $245)

Confederate staff officer's kepi, ITEM#2706+ rank & size $79 sale $59 details

Confederate Cavalry officer's kepi ITEM#2707+ rank & size $79 sale $59 details

Confederate Infantry Officer's kepi ITEM#2708  + rank & size $79 sale $59 details

Confederate Artillery officer's kepi ITEM # 2709+ rank & size $79 sale $59 details

Union Officer's kepi Lt shown.2 insignia string  ITEM#2710L+ size or 3 insignia string Captain ITEM#2710C+ size $79 sale$59 each 

Enlisted artillery  kepi ITEM# 2711A+ size $39 

Enlisted Cavalry kepi ITEM# 2711C+ size $39 


Confederate Infantry Enlisted Gray kepi with kersey band     Item#2712+ size $39

Lady's straw hat ,one size ITEM# 2713 $22.95

Lady's wool black hat ,  size large ITEM# 2714B or Brown Item2714BR  #29.95


Bummers' cap (forage ) CS gray ITEM#2715G or US blue ITEM#2715B $39 each

Enlisted kepi CS gray ITEM#2716G or US blue ITEM# 2716B $39 each

Hat Cords

Gold Hat Cord Item#2717 $9.95 


Gold & Black Hat Cord Item#2718GB $12.95 

Gold Hat Cord Item#2718G $9.95

Natural Leather Cap Box Item# 2719 $15.95

Black Leather Cap Box Item #2719B $15.95

Cap Insignia for 28th Irish Item# 2801$9.95 


General's Embroidered Collar Insignias Item#2802 $19.95 pair details

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