Civil War Christmas Specials

$5 S&H per order

Our 2003 Christmas stocking artillery (red) ITEM#2500A, Cavalry (yellow) ITEM 2500C Infantry ( light Blue) ITEM 2500I REG. $25 on SALE 19..95 each,      YELLOW & BLUE STYLE SOLD OUT 

Framed open edition of "Christmas Blessing"by John Paul Strain 12"x16" double mat & dark frame $60 ITEM#2501 

John Paul Strain Limited Edition Christmas Orniment 2007 The Christmas Carol ITEM# 252007 $25 

John Paul Strain Limited Edition Christmas Orniment 2006 "Battlefield Prayer" ITEM#252006  $25 available    

2005 "Onward Christian Soldiers" Item# 252005 $25 or 2004 Beside Still Waters " Item #252004 $25                     

Military Style Santa 40" tall $169 

Item# 2525

30" Wood Sword $12 ITEM #2515W

Deluxe Cannon & Limber overall 29"  ITEM#2504D out of stock  or 1/14 scale Cannon & Limber overall size 21" ITEM#2504 $49 

Stonewall Jackson "Chancellorsville" knife ITEM #2505J Robert E Lee "Fredricksburg" ITEM #2505L  $12.95 

Gift boxed swords

28" "Engraved " blade , overall 35" ITEM# 2502S  $ 49   or 11.5" "engraved" blade overall 18" ITEM# 2502C $15 

Lee & Grant watch  , Lee knife , wood box with color Lee print ITEM# 2507 $24.95 

Lee Watch with Robert E Lee knife ITEM#2508WL or Lee Watch with Stonewall knife 2508WS $29 each

Pocket Watches $19.95 each Lee Grant Watch ITEM#2509LG Flag Watch ITEM# 2509F Lee Watch ITEM#2509L, Square Gold Watch  ITEM# 2509SG, Square Silver Watch ITEM #2509SS, Round Silver Watch ITEM# 2509RS, Round Gold Watch ITEM# 2509RG  


Bowie with display plaque Stonewall Jackson ITEM #2510S or Robert E Lee ITEM# 2510L reg $24.95 

Black Lace Gloves ITEM#2511BG, Cream Color Purse ITEM# 2510CP  White Lace Gloves ITEM#2511WG $9.95 each

CS 2 piece reproduction buckle ITEM#2512 $12.95

        Small 22" overall US artillery "engraved" sword ITEM#2506US or 28"overall Cavalry sabre ITEM#2506C $25 ea 

Brotherhood of Arms Limited Edition figures , ITEM#2514 plus description, current inventory includes, 1st Virginia, 2nd Wisconsin, Virginia Bugler, Lincoln, 1st Texas, 146th NY Zouave, JEB Stuart, Robert E Lee, US Berdan Sharpsshooter, ,  & Grant $45 each



16" DOLL "Mattie" ITEM#2503M or 16" DOLL "Alisa" sold out  reg$25 sale 

LEE BOWIE KNIFE on palque ITEM# 2510LP $24.95 
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