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ARTstrainSTONWALLreturns.jpg (19835 bytes)details

"Stonewall Returns" Stonewall at his Winchester, Virginia headquarters by John Paul Strain available on limited edition canvas or paper Item #2234    $ 200, $275 , $545 

ARTstrainCLIFFSloudoun.jpg (31396 bytes)details

"The Cliffs of Loudoun Heights" Stonewall Above Harpers' Ferry available on limited edition canvas or paper  Item # 2235 $200 to $275 

"Plan for Victory " Lee , Jackson, & Stuart at Fredericksburg by John Paul Strain limited edition framed print on canvas 

Item #2218  $1850 Details 


"Ride with Anna" Stonewall Jackson & his wife Anna in Winchester by John Paul Strain limited edition Item #2202 $350 print in fast moving 2nd market,  call or  e- mail for current  price details

by Bradley Schmehl

" Jackson & His Disciples" limited edition print by Bradley Schmehl on the Valley Campaign ITEM # 2205 $225 details

" The Prince & the Professor" limited edition print by Bradley Schmehl on the Valley Campaign ITEM # 2220 $225 details

"Reconnaissance at McDowell" limited edition print by Bradley Schmehl on the Valley Campaign ITEM #2214 sold 

"Tiger's to the Rescue" limited edition print by Bradley Schmehl on the Valley Campaign ITEM # 2221 $225  details   

by Mort Kunstler  

artshendoah2.jpg (21425 bytes)

"Battle for the Shenandoah"

  Detailed Photo by Mortunstler $495             ITEM #2211


"Thunder in the Valley" at the Battle of New Market , VA   $950  details

US themed shadow box in 14"x18" cherry finish $149 Item #2231

CSA themed shadow box in 12"x16" cherry finish $125. Item #2230 


"Sharpsburg War Council", Sharpsburg, Marland

  by Mort Kunstler SOLD     ITEM #2204

"After the Snow" framed limited edition $625 details

"Moonlight & Magnolias" framed limited edition $725 details

artmossneck2.jpg (17049 bytes)

"Review at Moss Neck"

   Detailed Photo by Mort Kunstler SOLD  ITEM #2207

artnightcrossing2.jpg (14623 bytes)   

"Night Crossing"

  Detailed Photo by Mort Kunstler  SOLD                      ITEM #2208

  artpalacebar2.jpg (16438 bytes)

"Palace Bar"

  Detailed Photo ARTIST PROOF by Mort Kunstler $395       ITEM #2209 

artrememberme2.jpg (15203 bytes)

"Remember Me"

   Detailed Photo ARTIST PROOF by Mort Kunstler framed $675            ITEM #2212    


 Mort Kunstler's Civil War 2007 or 2008 made up of 12 beautiful Civil War Prints Item # 2233 Blue or item#2233 Grey  $15.95 each.


Post Card Set NORTH Item# 2223 or SOUTH Item # 2224 $4.95 each details

"Put the Boys In " at the Battle of New Market, Virginia by Don Troiani Limited Edition Print $250  

Framed canvas $795  details


"Chamberlain's Charge " poster #2408 $17.95




" The Institute Will be Heard from Today", depicts the Virginia Military Institute ( VMI ) Cadets at the Battle of New Market , Virginia  on May 15th , 1864 this is an unsigned  open edition print that is matted & framed 22"x26" by artist Don Prechtel  $110  ITEM # 2229 details as above but without the frame (print & mat set ) $59 ITEM # 2229M 


ART GALLERY for John Paul Strain

$5 per order shipping and handling in the U.S.* 


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artSTRAINbattlefieldPRAYER.jpg (31944 bytes)

"Battlefield Prayer" framed canvas #2236 $459 details

artSTRAINcharlesttown.jpg (21569 bytes)

"Charlestown Station" framed canvas#2237 $459 details

art_strainMOSBY.jpg (26079 bytes)

"Rose Hill Raid" with Mosby by John Paul Strain Limited Edition Studio canvas Item# 2206 $275 details 

artSTRAINleBELLE.jpg (37931 bytes)

"Le Belle Rebel" framed canvas $459 details


artchristmasmoon2.jpg (22510 bytes)

"Christmas Moon"

   Detailed Photo ARTIST PROOF by John Paul Strain  $450       ITEM# 2213

"Beside Still Waters" available in  limited edition $459

artSTRAINonwardCHRISTIAN.jpg (24373 bytes)

"Onward Christian Soldiers" Limited edition by John Paul Strain

$250 ITEM # 2231 details

"To a Lost Ford" General Nathan Bedford Forest & Emma Sanson $400    Details


"Christmas Blessing" General Stonewall Jackson at Martinsburg by John Paul Strain framed $895       ITEM#2215


artSTRAINromney2.jpg (10233 bytes)

The Romney Expedition" limited edition print on canvas 

  Detailed Photo  by John Paul Strain  $1195.oo      ITEM #2203


1000 Piece Puzzle of Mort Kunstler's Art  $17.50 each

Candlelight & Roses

Generals Were Brought to Tears

Rebel Yell

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